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Our Story

Our Name

The original idea for what is now the city of Twin Falls, came from a visionary pioneer and farmer named Ira Burton Perrine in 1900. But his dream may have never been realized without the belief and backing of another visionary, a man named Stanley Milner, who financed the construction of the Milner Dam, as well as most of the complex system of irrigation gates and canals associated with the project. Completed in 1905, the Milner Dam and Twin Falls canal system was considered worldwide as one of the great engineering marvels of the age, and it is what ultimately enabled this high-and-dry desert country we live in to bloom into what is now aptly known as ‘The Magic Valley’, one of the greatest agricultural areas of the Northwest.

Milner's Gate menu standing next to a glass of sangria with orange and lemon slices
leather couches and tables in front of a fireplace

Our Location

We are blessed to be part of the progressive movement in our historical downtown. Known to many as the Elk’s Lodge, the Public Library, and most recently the Historical Ballroom. We are located on the ground floor & basement of the recently preserved building on the corner of Shoshone and Second, right in the heart of downtown.

Our Menu

The carefully chosen menu is designed to appeal to a wide range of potential customers, from the working class families of the Magic Valley to the more affluent residents, as well as to the many visitors who come to the area. If a single phrase were required to describe the menu it might be: “Creative interpretations of classic American bistro and pub fare”. One look at the menu will make it clear that our customer appeal will be universal. We envision it as a place where a group of businessmen could be seated, dressed in suit and tie, having a nice bottle of wine and a great meal at one table, while two tables away is a group of people that are totally casual, maybe having just finished playing a game of softball, and all of them, every person in both groups is comfortable, happy, fully-satisfied, and feeling that they are right-exactly where they want to be.

two beer flights and salsa and cheese covered cheese fries
view of brewery with dining tables

Our Brewery

We have designed a world-class 10-barrel brewing facility that will be world-class in its visual appeal too. The large stainless steel and copper tanks will be positioned on the basement floor, but they will extend up through a cut-out in the main floor area providing a one-of a kind view of the brewery, while providing a unique means of separation between the lounge and dining areas. We have a full liquor license & plenty of craft beer to enjoy!.