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Brew Review

“Finger Of Fate IPA”

West Coast Style IPA

Released February 2021

This is our biggest, fullest-bodied IPA to date, delivering a beautiful mouthful of citrus, along with dank pine flavors, and more of a ‘hop-bomb’ than any of our previous IPA offerings. Yet because of the solid malt backbone and Quay’s mastery of the brewer’s art, the finish is crisp and dry, making for an extremely drinkable brew. The mix??? Magnum, Centennial & Cascade hops in the boil, some beautiful Chinook hop-hash in the whirlpool, then
dry-hopped with more Centennial and Cascade. YeeHaww and Giddyup! IPA lovers are going to be all-in for this beautifully balanced beer. The name “Finger Of Fate” refers to a beloved feature in the Sawtooth Mountains that some of us here at Milner’s have climbed over the years. Sadly, the final top pitch of “the finger” was toppled in a recent earthquake, but it is still way-worth the work to get there, and we can all remember amazing times in the mountains whenever we down a Finger Of Fate IPA.

IBU 60+  ABV 7% 

“Banjo Shredder IPA”

Hazy IPA

Released November 2020

This is one of the very first beers we ever tasted from our brewmaster Quay Marshall. It’s a recipe he developed and perfected with his home-brewing system, and he shared it with us during the construction phase of Milner’s Gate, way before we were even open. We loved it then and we love it even more now! Quay describes this brew as “hazy, juicy west-coast style IPA-meets New England IPA”. The result is one of our very best IPAs yet. Hops used include Azacca whole-hops, along with Cashmere & El Dorado. Together these lend hints of tropical fruit, pineapple, sweet orange, herbal and coconut. When it comes to the name “Banjo Shredder” Quay tells us that as he was developing this great brew, he and some beer-loving friends were listening to lots of kick-ass bluegrass music where the were musicians tearing it up on banjo. Every brew-day was a great day!

IBU 35   ABV 6.2%  

“Winter White-Out Double Belgian Wit”

Imperial Belgian Wheat Ale

Released December 2020

About this time every year, craft-breweries around the country start pushing their seasonal dark winter ales, but here at “The Gate” we’re going another direction with the release of our “Winter White-Out Double Belgian Wit”. Talk about a “winter warmer”! this totally unique brew
is made with 2-row pale malt, white wheat malt, oats, Belgian candi sugar, coriander, orange peel, Belgian yeast and Magnum hops. The resulting beer offers up a wonderful heady aroma, pours a beautiful, cloudy-golden haze, and features a slight acidity to balance the sweetness and add more depth of flavor. Not to mention being higher in alcohol, which comes in at a whopping 8.1% ABV. Enjoy one of these beauties by our fireplace and you’ll see how a really great cold beer truly can warm your soul!

IBU 18   ABV 8.1%

“When The Helles?”

(Hoping to answer the question Malan is asking about her new baby boy, who should be arriving any day now!)

Bavarian Helles-Style Lager

Released September 2020

Brewmaster Quay Marshall has created another distinctive craft-brew to add to our diverse selection here at ‘The Gate’, this time in the tradition and style of the great German “Helles Lagers”. The original Helles-style lagers, [and by the way, ‘helles’ means ‘bright’ in German], were originally developed around Munich in the late nineteenth century by Bavarian brewers hoping to compete with the hugely popular pilsners of the day, which were coming out of Czechoslovakia. Our version is made with Mount Hood Hops, which are a northwest hop, cross-bred with the traditional German Noble Hops, therefore lending some
of the same Bavarian characteristics to the brew. The
result is a beautiful pale-golden, slightly-hazy beer,
malt-forward, medium-bodied, mildly-herbal, slightly spicy and uniquely refreshing. A helles of a crowd-pleaser for sure!

IBU 12.7  ABV 5.5%

“Pang Wangle Belgian Wit”

Belgian Wheat Ale

Released August 2020

As we enter the dog-days of this crazy summer of 2020, our Brewmaster Quay Marshall, has created the perfect beer for these times . . .  “Pang Wangle Belgian Wit”.  An authentic Belgian ale yeast was used in the brew, lending this wheat beer a slight clove aroma that disappears into the many other flavors.  Malted wheat, un-malted wheat and oats give this ale a great end-of-summer flavor that has a solid wheat beer taste while still finishing light and dry.  Small amounts of coriander and orange peel were added at the end of the boil process to add subtle notes of complexity and refreshment.  Our Pang Wangle Belgian Wit is a thirst-quenching beer that’s perfect for the end of Summer and the start of Fall.  And about that name . . . 

To “Pang Wangle” is an old expression that means “To live or go along cheerfully in spite of minor misfortunes”.  The perfect attitude and the perfect beer for these times!     

ABV 4.7%      IBUs 10

“Home Alone Hefeweizen”

Authentic German Style Wheat Ale

Released March 2020

When it comes to ales, Germany is most famous for their wheat beers, with Hefeweizen being the most common—often poured into towering vase-like glasses, this cloudy southern German specialty is all about the yeast.  Heck, it's right there in the name—'hefeweizen’ translates to "yeast wheat" in German.  The beer's cloudy appearance and powerful aromatics are the direct result of an unusual yeast strain that is essential to producing this classic style.  Brewmaster Quay Marshall has mastered several brewing techniques, but the German style of brewing is one of his favorites, and this excellent hefeweizen is a good example of his art.  It pours a beautiful pale, straw-golden color, with a lasting lacy white head.  On the palate you’ll get hints of banana and spicy clove, with the overall result being a delicious, very refreshing wheat-based ale.  Prost!


IBU 9   ABV 4.3%   


The brewing process for ‘Home Alone Hefeweizen’ began well before we had any idea what the coronavirus pandemic would turn into.  But it’s release date in late March came at the height of self-isolation and

self-quarantine.  So what the heck, we called it ‘Home Alone Hefeweizen’, because sometimes it’s definitely OK to drink alone!

“Golden Girl Blonde Ale”

American Blonde Ale

Released December 2019

‘Golden Girl’ pours a slightly hazy, golden straw color.  It’s light bodied, quaffable and goes down smooth and easy.  Definitely a brew where you can enjoy more than one.  If you’re someone who thought you’d never enjoy a true craft beer, an ice-cold ‘Golden Girl’ might be just the beer to change your mind.   


IBUs 10        ABV 5.0%

Calories – 140/Pint       


The inspiration for naming this great beer ‘Golden Girl’ is a great dog, Tom’s golden retriever who’s name is Montana.  She was born in Oregon, raised in Idaho, and named Montana, though she prefers to simply be called “Mo”. 

golden retriever playing in the snow
"Mo" golden retriever wearing a baseball cap

“Eleventh Hour IPA”

Northwest Style IPA

Released March 2020


This is our second time brewing ‘Eleventh Hour IPA’ and as much as we loved the first batch, this one is even better!  Brewmaster Quay Marshall carefully selected four different types of malt to ensure the strong malt backbone needed for a great IPA.  Those malts are then combined with Magnum, Chinook, Cascade and Amarillo hops, resulting in our own Idaho version of a neo-classic Northwest style IPA.  The payoff is a medium bodied, bold, wonderfully balanced, refreshing IPA with just a hint of citrus.  All of those wonderful hop aromas and flavors are present right up front, but the overly bitter quality that so many IPAs sometimes exhibit is subdued and not at all overpowering.  ‘Eleventh Hour IPA’ is a clean, crisp, crowd-pleasing brew, that demonstrates the art of brewing, beautifully achieved.   


IBU 50+      ABV 7.2%     

Hops:  Magnum, Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo 

Malts:  White Wheat Malt, Crystal 15, Carapils, Idaho Pale Ale

‘Eleventh Hour IPA’ is named to honor the history of the iconic building we’re in, originally built in 1922, renovated by us in 2018

The Tradition Of The Eleventh Hour Toast

Milner’s Gate is located in what is known as the ‘Historic Twin Falls Elks Lodge Building’, which was the original home of the Magic Valley Chapter of the “Benevolent And Protective Order Of Elks”.  One of the most beloved traditions of the Elks was their “Eleventh Hour Toast” which held that if any social function or meeting was still in session at 11:00 pm, the meeting was temporarily halted and a toast was offered to honor their absent members, especially those who may have passed recently or on that day in history.  The Eleventh Hour Toast is still alive and well and happens every night here at ‘The Gate’.  


The Poem:

"You have heard the tolling of eleven strokes.
This is to remind us that with Elks
the hour of eleven has a tender significance.
Wherever an Elk may roam,
Whatever his lot in life may be,
when this hour falls upon the dial of night
the great heart of Elkdom swells and throbs.
It is the golden hour of recollection,
the homecoming of those who wander,
the mystic roll call of those who will come no more.
Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken.
Morning and noon may pass him by,
the light of day sink heedlessly in the West,
but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall,
the chimes of memory will be pealing forth the friendly message "TO OUR ABSENT MEMBERS!"

“Ida-Hop IPA”

Idaho IPA

Released February 2020

‘Ida-Hop’ is a beautifully balanced India Pale Ale made with copious amounts of highly sought after "Idaho Gem Hops" as well as small amounts of Chinook Hops, Galena Hops and Cascade Hops, which are from Oregon and Washington.  The result is a complex yet extremely drinkable Idaho IPA.  Crisp, refreshing, with notes of fresh citrus and a clean, satisfying finish.  You don’t need to be an IPA fanatic or a “hop-head” to love this beer, but if IPAs are your jam, you won’t be disappointed.  All of the characteristics of the style you love are definitely present in this highly accessible IPA.   


IBUs 41.2       ABV 7%

“Crooked Canyon Pale Ale”

American Pale Ale       

First Release November 2019

Current Batch Released June 2020

Pale Ale is the style of beer that more or less inspired the American craft beer revolution back in the mid-1980s.  Our version of this now classic northwest style is made with the distinctive combination of Amarillo and Centennial hops being added during the dry-hopping process.  The resulting ‘Crooked Canyon Pale Ale’ is a medium-bodied, and refreshing brew, with a hop profile that is a bit more aggressive than your average pale ale, providing all the flavors you want in a craft beer, while still being imminently drinkable and not too heavy.  This beer beautifully bridges the gap between dark stouts and light lagers, and is another crowd pleaser from brewmaster Quay Marshall. 


ABV 5.4%         IBU  40

“Mamba Time IPL”

India Pale Lager   

Released February 2020

From the mind of Quay Marshall, our very own creative, mad-scientist brewmaster, ‘Mamba Time’ is an American pale ale style beer, with the unique twist of using lager yeast.  Also made with copious amounts of Cashmere and Cascade hops in both the boil and in the dry-hopped finish.  Pleasing aromas and flavors of citrus and tropical fruit are present but the infusion of the cashmere hops balance-out the sweetness and make for a crisp, clean finish. 

The name “Mamba Time” was chosen to honor the great Kobe Bryant and his incredible “Mamba Mentality”.  One dollar from the sale of every ‘Mamba Time IPL’ will be donated to a fund that has been set up to benefit the families of the victims of the helicopter crash.  RIP Kobe and Gianna! 


IBUs:  20        ABV:  6.1%       Calories:  201/Pint

“Murder Hornet Black IPA”

Stout IPA

Released June 2020

A scrumptious blend of our delicious Milner’s Gate “Blackadar American Stout” combined with our very  popular “Eleventh Hour IPA”.  The result of this pairing makes  for the perfect marriage between the roasty-toasty aromas and flavors, of the stout with the crisp, clean and slightly bitter notes from the IPA.  The chocolate and coffee flavors of the stout are balanced by the Eleventh Hour, and likewise the bitterness of the hops is mellowed by those hints of dark chocolate and espresso from the stout.  This magical concoction is rich, satisfying and full-bodied, yet extremely drinkable, and has been a favorite with our beer-loving friends who want to venture safely into the dark-side.

“Fall Down Brown”

Idaho Brown Ale

Released October 2019

‘Fall Down Brown’ is an award-winning beer from Milner’s Gate Brewmaster Quay Marshall, and was the very first beer brewed here at Milner’s Gate.  It is a customer favorite and one of our flagship brews for sure.  ‘Fall Down’ combines a roasty flavor with notes of chocolate and nuttiness that create a full-flavored brown ale.  While it is somewhat malt focused, there is mild hop bitterness with an earthy hop flavor.  And even though Fall Down Brown may be dark in color, it is actually very easy-drinking, and it’s ‘sessionable’ enough to ‘have a few’ any time of the year.  ‘Fall Down’ pairs wonderfully with grilled meats or vegetables, and the slight char from grilling will enhance the roasted malts in the beer adding a new depth of flavor. 


IBU 14.5        ABV 5.4       

Calories – 164/Pint

“Dunkel Buck”

German Style Dunkel

Released January 2020

‘Dunkel Buck’ is a delicious ‘dunkel’ style beer created by brew-master Quay Marshall.  Dunkel means “dark” in German, and this signature dark brew offers beer-lovers a distinctive bottom-fermented lager, characterized by balanced flavors of chocolate, bread crust and caramel, that despite the malt-forward flavor profile does not offer an overly sweet impression.  Rather you’ll find a great balance between the distinct character of malt and the refined touch of bitterness from the noble hops, indicative of what many beer drinkers from around the world have come to expect and love from the great tradition of German-style brewing.  Cheers to ‘Dunkel Buck’ and to Quay for creating another crowd-pleasing beer from ‘The Gate’!


IBUs 16        ABV4.5%       

Calories per pint: 155


The inspiration for the name of this beer is the classic comedy movie “Uncle Buck” starring the late, great John Candy

“Happy Camper Summer Lager”

Light Marzen

Released February 2020

Most of us here at The Gate develop a slight case of cabin fever around mid-February, and we start to get a little bit anxious to play outside in the Magic Valley and beyond.  Not that we don’t love winter, but you know how it is.  In this spirit, Brewmaster Quay Marshall has crafted a terrific beer definitely suitable for the season, ‘Happy Camper Springtime Lager’.  This unfiltered beer pours a beautiful light amber color with just a hint of toasted bread.  Medium-bodied and highly quaffable, with subtle malt notes that give way to floral, spicy & herbal characteristics of the German-style hops.  The refreshing after-taste lingers just long enough to leave you wanting another cold one, and definitely feeling like a very happy camper!


IBUs:  14.1        ABV:  4.7%        Calories – 155/Pint

“Milner’s Leicht”

German Style Lager

Released December 2019

‘Milner’s Leicht’ is a light-bodied, refreshing beer made in the style of a German “leichtbier”, which is essentially just a German version of the popular light American lager.  To be fair to the style though, and to the German beer lovers for that matter, Milner’s Leicht doesn’t have nearly the reluctance to feature actual beer-ish flavors that the average American lager does, and therefore it is perhaps closer in style to a German pilsner than the vast majority of American lagers.  This crisp, refreshing brew pours a very pale, bright and clear golden color, and goes down real smooth & easy all the way.  And by the way, as you may have guessed, the German word ‘leicht’ translates to ‘light’ in English. 


IBUs:  11      ABV:  3.6%

Calories – 106/Pint


“Blackadar American Stout”

American Style Stout

 Released February 2020

An All-American style stout that pours a beautiful, dark, opaque color with a creamy tan head.  Rich and full-bodied, with roasty-toasty aroma and flavors, there are hints of dark chocolate and espresso, rounded out by a solid backing of Chinook and Willamette hops.  Strikingly bold, complex yet remarkably drinkable, this outstanding brew will convince you that you definitely do not have to be afraid of the dark!  Another masterpiece from Milner’s Gate brewmaster Quay Marshall.


IBUs 35        ABV 6.2%       

Calories per pint: 155


‘Blackadar American Stout’ is named for Idaho’s very own Walt Blackadar, pioneering whitewater kayaker. 

About Walt Blackadar

In 1971, at the age of 49, Idahoan Walt Blackadar shocked the outdoor world by his solo run of the boiling, deadly rapids of Turnback Canyon on the Alsek River in Canada and Alaska.  This doctor from Salmon Idaho ignored the warnings of the best kayakers in the world and made his remarkable run completely alone, a feat as significant in the boating world as scaling Mount Everest was in the climbing world.  Western rivers were only beginning to get the interest of international kayakers when Blackadar arrived on the scene.  Up till then the sport had primarily been limited to smaller rivers in the Eastern U.S. and in Europe.  But after his successful

first-descent of Turnback Canyon, Sports Illustrated Magazine published excerpts from his diary that captured the excitement and the significance of his feat.  This and other exploits put him on ABC's American Sportsman and added to his growing legend.  Meanwhile, Walt became one of Idaho's leading voices for preserving wilderness, and largely due to his efforts a 2.3 million-acre wilderness was established in 1973 protecting his beloved Middle Fork Country.  In 1974 when Evel Knievel's plan to jump the Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered motorcycle failed, plummeting Knievel into the river below, Blackadar’s kayak got to him first and paddled the daredevil to safety.  Walt’s legendary life came to a climax on the South Fork of the Payette River in May of 1978, when he drowned, pinned beneath a log in the middle of a rushing rapid that claimed his life and now bears his name.  "Walt Blackadar was truly alive, a man who knew how to live with determination and courage and boundless uninhibited joy," said Curt Gowdy, the host of American Sportsman.  In 2007 the International Whitewater Hall of Fame inducted Walt to its honor roll.  Blackadar, like the West's other folk heroes, will live on in the hearts of river runners, explorers and others curious about what's around the next bend and brave enough to run through restless waters to find out.

“Dos Cascadas”

Mexican Style Lager

Released February 2020

‘Dos Cascadas Mexican Style Lager’ is a light-bodied, refreshing beer that you can definitely enjoy more than one of.  This thirst-quenching brew pours a very pale, bright and clear golden color, goes down easy and smooth all the way.  Just add the traditional squeeze of fresh lime and ‘Dos Cascadas’ will be the perfect brew to pair with all kinds of Mexican cuisine, including our Idaho Nachos here at The Gate.  And of course it’s crisp, satisfying and a real thirst quencher all by itself too.  If you like Modelo Especial, Corona, or Pacific.o, you’re going to love Dos Cascadas, and you’ll feel especially good knowing you’re drinking a locally-brewed craft beer!

IBUs:  11     ABV:  3.4%

Calories – 106/Pint

‘Dos Cascadas’ translates to ‘two falls’ or “twin falls’. So now you know how we came up with that name!